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Cars which were sold in Uruguay should contain in the beginning a certain amount of locally produced parts because of government restrictions. For the cars of BMW 5 series the following parts were manufactured in Uruguay: cover for ceiling, glas for the windows, door panels, seats and carpets. There were only two colours for the interior available: black or beige. The seats were covered with leatherette only, bu In 1981 there was a combination of cloth and leatherette available. It is interesting, that the CKD sets were not only delivered with manual transmission, the automatic transmission was a kind of optional extra. However, the desription says only manual gearbox. The identification of the 660 BMW E12 cars were only by the engine-number, so there was no VIN plate or the embossed number at the shell was missing. If the engine was changed, the car lost its previous identity. Beginning with the models BMW E28 and later, only parts of German production were used. From that on there were no visuable differences any more.

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, © www.e12.de

The company Convex S. A. assembled the cars in Montevideo. They built BMW Isetta 300 and 600, BMW 1600-2 und BMW 2002, BMW E12 520, BMW E21 320, BMW E28 520i, 524 td, BMW E30 320i, 324 td, 325i, BMW E34 524 td, 525i and BMW E36 325i were manufactured. Beside the BMW cars they also assembled cars for Alfa Romeo, Ebro, Morris, Saab and Seat. Until 1995 the cars were built at this place. The buildings of the manufacturing plant are used today as a fish factory.
Convex S. A. was renamed to Camur S. A. and is today the exclusive distributor of all BMW models.